He Wants Me For My Looks

There seems to be a lot of outcall escorts who want to turn into a celebrity and end up marrying one. These famous men often marry stable, successful women with good careers, only to leave them for someone else with less education and more looks. We now live in an era where looks are everything and it is hard out here for these ladies trying to make it as females with brains.

When I was growing up and watching television, we never saw a woman with a higher income than her husband. We had mothers who stayed home and fathers who worked, and we always saw working moms as the biggest heroes. In those days it was all about working hard for what you wanted.

In the television shows of my childhood, women were always portrayed as being dumb, men as being smart. The women were shown as not being able to do anything but make babies and bring them up, while the men were portrayed as being very intelligent. Those womanizers on TV would be dumb, yet end up marrying highly educated highly successful women because they could not resist a beautiful woman.

In my time, many men have been known to go from being poor and driving a car while his wife was driving a Mercedes, to being a billionaire while his wife drives a Prius. I have seen some documentaries on Alpha Mgt and the track records of wealthy self-made men, and there are some common traits. For one, they were driven by ambition, driven by what they wanted from life. They all had high levels of intelligence and motivation.

In the past ten years I have been in the dating scene myself, seeing people change from how they were when they were younger. I have seen men who date women for their looks, then later marry someone more stable with a great career. Then I see them leave this better woman for someone with less education and more looks.

I never thought that I would become one of those women, but it is something I do think about now. It used to be that the rich were not attractive; nowadays the wealthy are considered to be attractive. Personally, I think all of these changes came about due to social media. Things like Instagram and Facebook make it seem like if you are not good looking, people will have no interest in you at all. The truth is, there are always going to be exceptions.

I have seen people claim that they married for love and then it just snowballs into something else. The guy falls in love with someone who his own family do not even like and the woman who he marries has no idea why he would rather be with her instead of someone else. She also does not know what happened to make him change from loving her to disrespecting her.

He changed from being a poor engineer to a wealthy businessman, going from living in a small apartment to having a beautiful mansion with a swimming pool and a tennis court.. All in a year or two. The poor husband becomes a billionaire and overnight he is no longer the same man. He is not the same man that you fell in love with and who said he would love you forever.

I say all of this because I think people need to be reminded that there has to be more than looks in a relationship; there has to be substance and love, or else it will only end in sadness and heartache. If someone tells you they love you, they should mean it until the end of time. But nowadays, people take what they can get when they can get it, then leave when something better comes along..

There are still good men out there.

Is Sex Important in a Relationship?

Specialists reveal how important sex remains in relationships and how to have a sex life both you and your partner take pleasure in.
The significance of sex in relationships

Is sex important in a relationship? It nearly seems like a trick question.

Sure, romance is among the primary qualities in successful relationships. And a part of that consists of quality sex. How big a function sex plays in your love life depends on you and your partner.

” What we seem to understand is that generally when sex is going well, which indicates you’re having it regularly, and not having any significant issues, then it truly only represents about 15 to 20 percent of relationship satisfaction,” states licensed sex therapist Laurie Mintz, PhD, a teacher of psychology at the University of Florida in Gainesville and author of An Exhausted Female’s Guide to Passionate Sex.

And “regularly” is not a one size fits all design. It can suggest very different things to different relationships. The most fundamental part is that the two individuals in the relationship are on the same page about sex frequency.

When your sex life is off track, though, it can make up for the majority of your discontentment with your partner, she adds. For example, maybe your partner doesn’t desire sex when you do.

That’s not surprising for something that supplies huge advantages to your physical and psychological health, both individually and as a couple. Sex is way more than intercourse, say experts. If that element of love-making isn’t happening as often as it used to, don’t misery.

Keep reading to see why sex (in all its variations) can be so important in relationships– and what to do if one or both of you feel you’re not getting enough.
Specifying sex like a professional

When most heterosexual couples think about sex, they’re generally thinking of penis and vagina, says Megan Fleming, PhD, a medical psychologist specializing in sex and relationships in New York City. “But the fundamentals of sexuality is getting and giving enjoyment.”

So sex is anything you and your partner do consensually that includes sexual and erotic touch and enjoyment– and for most of us, that includes genital satisfaction, Mintz explains. You give each other foreplay, for instance, or pleasure each other with vibrators or with your hands.

Redefining sex, so it’s more comprehensive than intercourse, can be more inclusive of lesbian and gay couples, states Mintz. And it might assist you take pleasure in much better sex as you age, too.

” We know that sometimes, as people age, sexual intercourse is not on the table anymore, due to vaginal dryness, erectile concerns, and other medical issues,” she states. “Therefore if we start valuing all of the many ways to enjoyment ourselves and our partners, we are a lot more likely to be able to age into our sexuality more gracefully.” (Here are the common myths about sex after 50.).

Focusing on the mutual enjoyment that might or might not consist of sexual intercourse likewise can assist couples get over performance stress and anxiety, which saps away at your relationship, states Fleming. And that may even look like not kissing and hugging due to the fact that individuals do not desire to send blended signals.”.

Now that you can think about sex more inclusively, it’s time to see how many benefits it brings, both separately and as a couple. When you’re not having sex.), (Here’s what happens.

Why having sex is so great for you.
It’s good for your physical health.

There’s a whole host of physical benefits that having sex, specifically orgasms, can bring to you. “It’s also good for bladder control due to the fact that when you have sex, your pelvic flooring muscles get exercise.”.

It also keeps your heart healthy, even increasing your life expectancy after a heart attack (at least for males), according to a research study released in 2020 in The American Journal of Medicine. Other research study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior discovered that sex lowers the threat of hypertension in middle-aged and older ladies. Sex may even benefit your body immune system, recommends a small study in the journal Psychological Reports.
It’s good for your psychological well-being.

Your brain changes when you have sex. “The manner in which your brain looks right prior to orgasm is the same way your brain looks in deep meditation,” says Mintz.

Researchers found that intimacy lowers cortisol, the stress hormonal agent, in males and females, according to research in a 2019 problem of Psychosomatic Medicine. (Here are other ideas for quick tension relief.).

Sex can also be a crucial part of feeling alive and vital– of having an enthusiasm for life, states Fleming.

Another advantage to good sex? It’s validating, states New York City sex therapist Stephen Snyder, MD, author of Love Worth Making: How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Lasting Relationship. “It makes you feel excellent about yourself in such a way few other experiences can match.”.
It benefits your relationship.

“In terms of the oil, sex helps avoid friction and makes you less irritable,” she says. “I always joke with my clients who I’m trying to assist get a much better sex life that the things that irritate you about your partner prior to sex could even be charming after sex.”.

It can likewise launch all those feel-good hormones, consisting of oxytocin and dopamine, which increases sensations of connection and intimacy, states Fleming. Wish to know what else increases those sensations? The little methods these couples make their partner feel enjoyed.

And most fascinating, the more sex you have, the more you want,” she includes. “So good sex is a positive cycle for not only more of those advantages, however for more sex.”.
Just how much sex do you require to reap these advantages?

According to research study in the journal Social Psychological and Character Science, you get all these sensations of emotional well-being and connections when you have sex once a week (regularly is fine, you simply do not gain more perks).

If that amount seems like a lot, offered your life right now, remember: “It’s really up to the couple to decide their ideal frequency,” states Mintz. Here’s the caution: Both partners have to be satisfied with the quantity, which requires interaction and compromise– two crucial characteristics of a healthy relationship.

“If a couple isn’t having sex often– whether it’s when a month or once a year– and they’re not distressed by it, then it isn’t a problem,” she states. It ends up being a relationship concern.”.

The bottom line: “There is no one-size-fits-all sexuality,” Mintz says. “If you make love that’s truly fun and orgasmic and linked when a month, you might be better than individuals who are having mediocre sex once a week.”.
How to have a sex life you’re both pleased with.

Lots of relationships have actually mismatched desire levels– normally, a higher-libido partner with a lower-libido one, say specialists. And while you might think your partner just desires sex, it may be the absence of connection and intimacy that your loved one is truly missing, notes Fleming. Here’s how to fix that imbalance so that you’re both left satisfied (yes, pun intended).
Work it out.

Despite the fact that your sexual differences can feel like a relationship deal-breaker, they’re just as negotiable as all the problems you need to jeopardize on– from whose household to check out over the holidays to how to embellish your brand-new place, says Mintz. “You listen to each other, you talk with each other non-defensively– you truly hear what the other person desires and why it is essential to them,” she explains. “And you reach a conclusion, a special couple compromise.”.

Often bringing up the topic can be tough, but not impossible. Mintz advises utilizing “I” statements, caring declarations, and compliments so that your script looks something like this: “I have something to speak to you about, and it’s actually hard for me. Because I actually like you, I’m bringing this up to connect with you. I really appreciate our relationship. And I am not feeling as pleased as I could be with our sex life.” You note a couple of reasons that and then state, “And I ‘d truly like us to work on that.”.

Making area for these discussions could imply the difference between healthy vs unhealthy relationships. You’ll have to think long and hard whether this is a deal-breaker– and go into therapy yourself if your partner doesn’t desire to figure it out with you.

” If you wanted your partner to do something and they said, ‘No, I don’t care to work on this although it is very important to you,’ how does that feel?” Mintz states. “It’s not just about sex. It’s about love and collaboration in general.”.
Take sexual intercourse off the table.

The majority of therapists will do a series of workouts that concentrate on caring touching and get progressively sexual. They’re called sensate focus workouts, and the objective is to reestablish sensuality, sexuality, and non-demand touch, states Mintz.

” I tell customers, ‘Do you keep in mind making out in your moms and dads’ driveway? “But the longer relationships go on, the more often there’s no touch, no making out, no teasing. You haven’t touched me all day, and I’m exhausted.'”.

Instead of going for, state, weekly sessions that constantly end in intercourse, concentrate on what Dr. Snyder calls “sexual intimacy,” which can consist of sensuous touch. “It’s a great concept to get delighted together often– just for a minute or two, even when you’re not going to have sex– due to the fact that it feels great,” he says. “Simply a minute or more before falling asleep, or prior to leaving for work, can do a lot to enhance the sexual environment of your relationship.”.
Believe outside package.

Toss out the concept that monogamy equals monotony. “A lot of couples fall into what we describe as scripted sex, indicating it’s the same positions and very same time,” states Fleming. “I recommend having our favorites– our vanilla and chocolate ice cream– however I constantly speak to couples about expanding the repertoire, what I describe as having the Greek diner menu,” Fleming states.

So begin exploring, she recommends. “There are just so numerous ways to give and get pleasure. We state the biggest sex organ is our mind, but the most significant organ is our skin, head to toe.”.
Get playful.

While you’re getting innovative, consider adding a few props. One nice-to-have that Fleming suggests to her clients: a massage candle light. Once it’s lit, it rapidly melts down into massage oil.

” It’s the whole idea of including a little bit of novelty, something brand-new,” she states. But a massage candle is “also more sensual versus clearly sexual, which is valuable.” You end up being more mindful about offering each other pleasure.

If you need more stimulation for stimulation, you can try a vibrator or another type of adult sex toy. Or, recommends Fleming, break out special dice or parlor game, in which one card or die offers a body part and the other the action. “What I like about games is that you’re not having to think about what’s next,” she states. “Something external is offering you that assistance or cue, which could be actually practical.”.

Another advantage about toys and games: They provide you more approval to explore brand-new things, says Fleming, as long as both of you are truthful about telling each other what seems worth trying and feels excellent and what doesn’t (or can be revisited later on).
Schedule your love-making.

Set a date and time for these sensual sessions (and clear the calendar so you can stick to it). Here’s a tip: You may want to pencil it in throughout the hours that experts say is the best time to make love.

” Culturally, we think that sex is supposed to be spontaneous, and the reality is that even when you were young, it was more about chance than the spontaneity,” says Fleming. Even if it is difficult to discover a couple of minutes in your crazy busy life (and crowded family), it’s essential to focus on a time for enjoyment and connection, nevertheless the two of you specify that, Fleming states.
Say yes to something.

Sometimes your partner initiates sex, and your very first response might be to say no, for whatever factor (you’re exhausted, you’re facing a looming deadline). It might be a great concept to meet your partner midway to see if there’s one small thing you can say yes to– like a back massage, recommends Fleming.

It’s verifying, says New York City sex therapist Stephen Snyder, MD, author of Love Worth Making: How to Have Extremely Fantastic Sex in a Lasting Relationship. “I constantly joke with my customers who I’m attempting to help get a better sex life that the things that aggravate you about your partner prior to sex could even be endearing after sex.”.

“So excellent sex is a favorable cycle for not just more of those advantages, however for more sex.”.
“Most couples fall into what we refer to as scripted sex, indicating it’s the same positions and exact same time,” says Fleming. Sometimes your partner initiates sex, and your very first action might be to say no, for whatever factor (you’re exhausted, you’re dealing with a looming due date).