He Wants Me For My Looks

There seems to be a lot of outcall escorts who want to turn into a celebrity and end up marrying one. These famous men often marry stable, successful women with good careers, only to leave them for someone else with less education and more looks. We now live in an era where looks are everything and it is hard out here for these ladies trying to make it as females with brains.

When I was growing up and watching television, we never saw a woman with a higher income than her husband. We had mothers who stayed home and fathers who worked, and we always saw working moms as the biggest heroes. In those days it was all about working hard for what you wanted.

In the television shows of my childhood, women were always portrayed as being dumb, men as being smart. The women were shown as not being able to do anything but make babies and bring them up, while the men were portrayed as being very intelligent. Those womanizers on TV would be dumb, yet end up marrying highly educated highly successful women because they could not resist a beautiful woman.

In my time, many men have been known to go from being poor and driving a car while his wife was driving a Mercedes, to being a billionaire while his wife drives a Prius. I have seen some documentaries on Alpha Mgt and the track records of wealthy self-made men, and there are some common traits. For one, they were driven by ambition, driven by what they wanted from life. They all had high levels of intelligence and motivation.

In the past ten years I have been in the dating scene myself, seeing people change from how they were when they were younger. I have seen men who date women for their looks, then later marry someone more stable with a great career. Then I see them leave this better woman for someone with less education and more looks.

I never thought that I would become one of those women, but it is something I do think about now. It used to be that the rich were not attractive; nowadays the wealthy are considered to be attractive. Personally, I think all of these changes came about due to social media. Things like Instagram and Facebook make it seem like if you are not good looking, people will have no interest in you at all. The truth is, there are always going to be exceptions.

I have seen people claim that they married for love and then it just snowballs into something else. The guy falls in love with someone who his own family do not even like and the woman who he marries has no idea why he would rather be with her instead of someone else. She also does not know what happened to make him change from loving her to disrespecting her.

He changed from being a poor engineer to a wealthy businessman, going from living in a small apartment to having a beautiful mansion with a swimming pool and a tennis court.. All in a year or two. The poor husband becomes a billionaire and overnight he is no longer the same man. He is not the same man that you fell in love with and who said he would love you forever.

I say all of this because I think people need to be reminded that there has to be more than looks in a relationship; there has to be substance and love, or else it will only end in sadness and heartache. If someone tells you they love you, they should mean it until the end of time. But nowadays, people take what they can get when they can get it, then leave when something better comes along..

There are still good men out there.